Back Pain Alternative Treatment

Back Pain Alternative Treatment Until you have a back problem that does not realize how debilitating it can be so painful. There is generally no respite from back pain, once you have an injury to this area, research of this problem is ongoing but so far only short term relief resources available again. Both seem […]

Alternative Therapies for the Horse

Alternative Therapies for the Horse It is not uncommon that trends in veterinary medicine to mirror trends in human medicine. To that end, it’s not surprising that alternative medicine is being used more frequently on sick and injured horses. Instead of prescribing the latest wonder drug, some veterinarians are instead prescribing a little hands-on healing […]

Pain Management through Alternative Therapy

Pain Management through Alternative Therapy Alternative therapy has indisputably trapped the attention of both healthcare practitioners and consumers. While there are many ways to treat pain, however over the years alternative therapy has shown that it can provide proper and effective pain management techniques. Some of these holistic techniques include Physical Therapy, Integrative Manual Therapy, […]